At the end of November 2012, I asked Myan Subrayan to facilitate and establish our Mission, Vision and Values Statement for 2013, and to lay a spiritual foundation. He did this with passion and fun. His message (as in this book) inspired me to get him to motivate us at the Lions Rugby. Having just been relegated out of Super Rugby, I knew the team needed motivation as they were at a low point. Using, You Can, he embarked on a series of motivation sessions that helped motivate and inspire us to never give up believing that we could be promoted back to Super Rugby. He was practical and relevant to our team and he shared life experiences that were relevant to where we were at the time. It was important that the players grew mentally and were emotionally strong. This “mental toughness” is a big contributor to their performance on the field. I believe that everyone took a lot from his sessions and they were certainly lifted and charged up to face what was a very tough season out of Super Rugby. Myan helped us stay focused and aligned the team to our mission, vision and values. Because Myan has overcome his own challenges, and tough times, he is uniquely positioned and equipped to motivate others and share real-life experiences to encourage them to stay positive. His story is much needed to bring hope to South Africa and beyond – Johan Ackermann (Former Head Coach of Lions & Springbok)

As the captain of the team, my job was to keep the guys positive – not an easy task, when they
were down. One Monday, Coach Ackers called us in and said there was a guy coming to talk to us. My first reaction was ‘here we go again.’ Back then, everybody had something to say! That’s when I met Myan Subrayan. I can remember the mock interview we had for fun, where he put me on the chair in front of the whole squad and created the scenario that we had now been promoted back. He then continued to interview me as to my thoughts on how it felt being back in Super Rugby. His motivation played a big part in helping us get back into Super Rugby, as he helped get a team that was down and out into believing that they can become the best again. Meeting Myan, an Indian passionate about rugby, was certainly not a co-incidence. I learnt that things in life happen for a reason. Through his sessions, I became a better leader and the team started to believe in our goal to get back into Super 15 for 2014. Thanks Myan for the great work you did. I’ve learned many things from you that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life! – JC Janse Van Rensburg (Captain 2013)

Myan’s sessions always gave us hope – teaching that your attitude determines your altitude! The mission and vision we did always gave us something to return to, measure ourselves and assess our progress to wher we wanted to be. And that we must remember that bad things happen to good people too. From our biggest rejections comes, our greatest resurrections. Thanks a lot for all you did for the Lions and for me personally, and for the person you are – CJ Van Der Linde (Former Bok Prop)

In rugby there can sometimes be a lot of disappointment, and especially in 2013 when the Lions were relegated. There were many challenges during this year and things weren’t always easy. Myan reminded us that you can always believe that the best is yet to come, and his solid foundation helped us through that difficult season. The way he supported the team was inspiring, even joking that the Curry Cup belonged to his Indian people, motivated us. He always managed to bring a lighter atmosphere to the team and always tried to uplift the guys no matter what situation we faced – Franco Vd Merwe


Myan is someone that gives hope and has a real heart for people. His experience locally and internationally gives him authority as a speaker. You’ll be assured to have a good laugh amidst a powerful and principled message! -Jacque Botes

Myan has a talent with words that I have seen in very few. Anyone can learn something from what he shares and apply it to their own lives – Louis Ludik

I have heard Myan speak on a few occasions. His passion and the humorous manner in which he speaks are very refreshing. He shares both interesting stories and wisdom, keeping his listeners interested – Patrick Lambie

I heard Myan speak at our team motivation session. When I left there I felt refreshed and ready for my next challenge – Wiehan Herbst


Within a few minutes of listening to Myan, I was inspired by his unwavering determination in the face of great difficulty. His message of hope, ‘the best lies ahead’ is exactly what this nation needs. He has shared the company of great sporting icons and written books about their lives. I’ve been blessed and I’m sure you will be when you hear Myan – Caylib Oosthuizen

I first met Myan at a time when I was down – a day after I missed an important kick. His message lifted and motivated me to believe in myself and my abilities again. Myan is an unbelievable person, and most importantly, a man of character – Elgar Watts

Myan’s positive attitude towards life really encouraged me. He has motivated me many times before games and inspired me to be a better person and rugby player – Cornal Hendricks


I tore my ACL (knee) twice in a year – playing for the Boks and the Bulls in 2014. I was heartbroken and needed somebody I could talk to. That’s when I met Myan. He helped me a lot when I was down, and I drew from his wisdom to get through that tough time. He has played a big role in encouraging me mentally and spiritually, and I believe he was sent at the right time into my life – Arno Botha


Since writing my book in 2014, Myan, has become good friends with me and my family. He is someone we can count on at any time for sound advice. Competitive swimming is a tough mental sport, so I am glad that I have Myan in my camp to motivate and encourage me.


Playing professional soccer in Germany for 18 years I have worked with many mental coaches. Meeting Myan, since my return to South Africa in 2012, I can confidently say that he is up there with the best of them. He had a significant impact with the players at Maritzburg Utd in 2013, and is my personal life coach and friend. I value his input into my life and live by the principles of You Can.


4 Wheels Hyundai, are proud to be associated with Myan Subrayan as he brings Hope 4 SA. We are glad to have him speak to and motivate our staff. If you are in need of a new or used car do contact us! – Danie de Kock (Dealer Principal) ddekock@4wheels.co.za www.4wheels.co.za


Our time with Myan was very fruitful. He challenged us to look within and that the greatest competition is within. His biggest impact was to remind us of what it meant to be a “Warrior”. – Malibongwe Maketa Ex-Head Coach


As head coach of Amatuks Football we appreciate Myan’s role in developing a strong mental approach to all aspects in our team. – Shaun Bartlett Head Coach


The team enjoyed Myan’s sessions and commented favourably on its positive influence – Jaco Swanepoel, Head of Rugby (UFS)


Myan’s positive outlook is enlightening and informative – from his first session with us to our 1 on 1’s. Apart from being a life coach to me and fellow players he has become a friend – Keshav Maharaj